"My body has felt numb, stiff, sore and disconnected most of my life! ...

Thankyou for waking-me-up to the 'whispers' Sandy.

I now feel alive, pain free and empowered ... truly life changing"... Rose NZ

Why We Are Different?

"Hope has two beautiful daughters, their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not have to remain as they are" - Augustine of Hippo

My intention as a Feldenkrais Practitioner, Physiotherapist, Mother and Grandmother, is to not only heal limitations and dibilitating body aches and pain created by an inherited cultural mind-set, but to transform the very mind-set itself.

A Fresh New Paradigm is Rapidly Emerging 

& Your Body knows the Way!

What is Feldenkrais

Awareness Through Movement?



✅ your body feels stiff, tight, limited and out of whack!
✅ you feel overwhelmed, confused or disconnected
✅ you feel a loss of movement freedom, or confidence
✅ you've lost your natural spontaneity and playfulness
✅ you're worried that your body discomfort will force you to withdraw from
activities you love eg walking, gardening, skiing, running, surfing, music etc
✅ you want to feel better, move better and live better
>>> you want to function at your optimal best as you age
✅ you've tried everything and nothing has helped sustainably

ASK YOURSELF ... Does your body feel numb, disconnected, out of whack ?
Are your muscles sore, tight or tense?
Does your back, neck, hip or knees bother you or hurt ?
Do you feel out of sorts, agitated, anxious or emotionally unsettled ?
Is your mind constantly chattering?
Have you lost your Mojo and your passion for life?
Maybe you feel unfit, sluggish or heavy from too much sitting ... zoom gloom!

WHAT IF you felt vibrantly alive, relaxed, pain free and fully present in your body all day long.
WHAT IF you had energy on tap, freedom, clarity and bubbling creativity at your disposal, to live life on your terms
WHAT IF you woke up replenished, clear headed and energised, ready to fully 'rock' your day
Would that make a difference to your health, happiness, self esteem and self confidence?

All this is possible and more,

when you debunk the 'myth' of the body-mind split

that relates to your body as an object! As a "thing"

to be managed, pushed, pulled and

stretched into shape!

In the 17th Century, philosophers decided to separate and disconnect the 'feeling body' from the 'rational mind' ... and so the body-mind 'split', that we've inherited today was born.
Since then we humans have been conditioned by the western culture to 'live in our heads', from an intellectual construct and relate to our body as an object. A thing to be objectified, managed, organised or supervised.

Thus causing a debilitating and often painful MISMATCH between-

>>> what your body is designed to do as a 'living' mammal and

>>> what you do to your body as a 'thing' to be managed!

As Einstein wisely said-

"you can't solve a problem using the same thinking

that created the problem in the first place"

Hear what Sharon has to say about being unaware, numb and disconnected from many of her body feelings ... despite having done many years of personal development and emotional work!


"Through awareness you can learn to move with

astonishing lightness and freedom at any age and thereby

improve your living circumstances, not only physically

but emotionally, intellectually and spiritually"

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

Sandy Leathem - The ‘Body Whisperer'. 
Sandy offers revolutionary programs to awaken and transform-
>>> a busy 'over-loaded' mind
>>> a tight sore tense body and
>>> feelings of brain fog, fatigue, or overwhelm. 
All this and more is achieved by engaging the brain's remarkable capacity to change, known as neuroplasticity. 
Living in a fast changing, uncertain, high tech world,
she believes it's time to shift from 'fixing' to 'connecting'
the difference between trying to ‘fix what’s broken’ versus
‘eliminating what's in the way’

Sandy’s professional career began in 1964 when she founded her business 

'Movement Matters' as a Physiotherapist. 

Sandy is a highly experienced Feldenkrais Practitioner of more than 30 years,

inspiring a passion and deep respect for the essence of the Feldenkrais Method. She brings a rich synthesis of

evidence-based brain science and physiology to her ground breaking programs. 

She has worked continuously for over 50yrs both internationally and nationally … in hospitals, rehabilitation and paediatric intervention units. Private and multidisciplinary clinics and has recently successfully pivoted both individual and group trainings to an online format. 
As a Grandmother Sandy’s workshops and trainings reflect her passionate concern about the impact ‘sensory overload’ and the cultural normalisation 'hidden' stress, has on young children and adults.
Her programs guide, empower and inspire others to take charge of their lives from the ‘inside out’. 

She has a playful knack of making the impossible,

possible and the complex easy.  

Unraveling and presenting cutting edge brain science in simple, easy, common sense ways
she empowers and inspires others to reconnect and embody their birthright …

an inner organic intelligence and embodied presence.

"Make the impossible possible

The feasible easy

And the easy elegant” 

-Dr Moshé Feldenkrais Ph.D

Hear what psychologist Rikki has to say...


All this and more

is achieved by engaging the brain's

remarkable capacity to change, known as neuroplasticity.