If you’re interested in neuroplasticity and the brain’s ability to change itself for the better, for anyone, ... and if you want to

discover new ways to improve performance, fitness, ... or perhaps tackle the aging process and enhance your vitality, mobility, and well-being ...

then our Movement Matters Membership is for you

Tap into your learning body with Sandy Leathem and the Feldenkrais Method.

Discover the difference that makes the difference!

'Health is the ability to realize

our avowed and unavowed dreams' – Moshe Feldenkrais

As a valued Movement Matters client

I'm excited to offer you exclusive access to our Movement Matters Membership portal



✅  Access to 75 min 'live' online Awareness Through Movement (ATM) Feldenkrais Sessions 'LIVE with Sandy ...
12noon and 6 pm Mondays & Thursdays every week.
 A safe place to share, celebrate, connect and grow together as a
thriving, community
 Online access to evergreen recorded replays 
 Discounted access to NEW packaged programs 
 Resources, interviews, video clips and articles of interest
 Fireside chat / visiting speakers. Online Zoom sessions designed to foster a thriving, vibrant community of fellow Feldy Members.

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"I been a long time member of Sandy's Movement Matters Membership Program and am delighted by the simplicity yet profundity of her appraoch. 

I feel better than ever about living in my body than I ever have before. Sandy is a passionate, warm and knowledgeable teacher who fosters understanding and clarity"... Sharon Davey Melb.

We give incredible value. People join and stay!
- Because we remove the hassle of constantly looking for a class.
- Because you can sign-in any time, any day, and do a lesson
- Because you know that regular engagement leads to maximum improvement
- Because getting to know others and be known by others is really inspiring and uplifting and that only happens by being an active member of a community 

If you are ready to join our vibrant community of Feldy Followers Register Now.

Our Membership offers priceless lifelong investment that gives you the tools and skills-

>> to recognise, resolve and reprogram muscular and joint tension, stiffness,

tightness and pain. Foggy thinking, fatigue and overwhelm,

>> by restoring your brain’s extraordinary capacity to re-member, re-connect and re-wire your capacity to live an authentic life of possibility, pain-free

freedom, ease and flow. Regardless of your age or stage in life!

"Make the impossible possible,

the possible easy, and the easy elegant" - Moshe Feldenkrais

 Go from wear and tear ... to wear and repair. 

 Experience ease and joy through better movement, better thinking, better feeling.

 It’s about getting out of your head – and into your body.

✅ There's a fresh new paradigm emerging in our culture, and your body knows the way! It's time to get curious, step up and explore a 'new' way of learning from the inside-out. Discover how to follow your body's deep inner wisdom and innate intelligence. 

✅ My commitment is to offer you many opportunities to further delight your curiosity in the safe company of Feldy Friends, who share your organic joy of learning, laughing, lingering and loitering 'on the edge' of fresh new possibilities and paradigms.

 You can cancel at any time, but I promise, you won't want to!

✅ If you still have questions please call Sandy for a chat and together we will find a way forward. :)