Movement Matters for Women Over 65





A Ground Breaking NEW Movement Program

Awakening Vitality, Wellbeing & Full Possibility

The following common symptoms are frequently associated with ageing. rather than as an outcome of a western cultural mindset and lifestyle choices.

The good news is these symptoms CAN be reversed through a series of simple pain-free, often quirky movements that awaken the brain and nervous system to function as it did as a little kid:

Can you relate to these all-too-common symptoms?

* Body aches and pains, such as persistent tension, tightness, stiffness of the neck, back, knees, feet, or other parts of the body.
* Difficulty with mobility, maybe a wonky knee or hip or diminishing flexibility making it harder to reach into upper cabinets, walk up and down stairs, pick things up, get down to the ground and back up, and so forth.
* Moving slowly and cautiously or not wanting to move or explore unfamiliar surroundings.
* A loss of confidence, strength and stamina. Is it becomming challenging to open a jar, carry stuff, play golf, rake the yard, make the bed, push or pull, walk up a hill, and use your hands for more delicate coordination.
* Feeling that your life is getting smaller and closing in. You've lost your mojo and often don’t want to go anywhere, you get tired of this or tired of that, and it’s becomming harder to follow conversations with unfamiliar content.
* Feelings of hopelessness, thinking things will only get worse and falling into the trap of believing that the best years are behind you.
* A societal need to act old. To fit into the cultural mindset and myths about aging in a western culture.

But Hey It ... Doesn't Have to be This Way!

Join us to Create a Compelling Future to Live into ... Because you can!

Discover how to activate your brain to experience pain-free mobility, more energy, vitality, sharper thinking, spontaneous joy and an exuberant enthusiasm for life itself.

This life is NOT a dress rehearsal!

Read a recent participants comment - "while doing this short course with Sandy I awoke in the night to the amazing realization I had just rolled over! ... Now that’s huge, because for the past few years, I had problems simply rolling over in bed!! ... I’d struggle to lift and heave my torso to roll, and that strained my back, which would then wake me up and I’m sure that kept me from getting the best sleep possible
So before I got out of bed that morning, I celebrated my clever brain for learning a new way of rolling over to the right, to left, to right, to left, to right, to left ... easily and effortlessly just as I naturally did as a little kid! Now that's really cool 'cause it had been many years since I was able to do that, in fact It actually never occurred to me that the struggle and strain I experienced was NOT necessary until I did this life-changing course.
” ...Thankyou Sandy

So I ask, where do you experience limited mobility

IMAGINE …what unexpected surprises you could experience?
* Doing up your shoe laces. Picking clothes up off the flooreasily ?
* Rolling over in bed effortlessly and easily
* Getting yourself down and up from the floor while playing with grandchildren?
* Turning your head to look over your shoulder without strain?
* Walking or standing on a slippery sidewalk or shower without losing your balance?
* Getting off a low sofa or chair without unnecessary effort or strain on arms, shoulders, neck, knees
* Reaching up to a high shelf, or to pick a lemon from a tree?
* standing up in shallow water ready to catch another exhillerating wave
while boogie boarding ...

Your body is limitless.

Your body doesn’t dictate what you can and can’t do – YOUR BRAIN DOES. Want to move better, feel better, and live better, try a new class or sport or pick up your old favourite again?

This is the program for you.

Wake up after a good nights sleep feeling amazing. Enjoy and trust your body. Delight in new-found flexibility, freedom and ease.

Feel confident knowing your body’s got your back.

Our whole-body whole-brain approach has you living your best version of you.

Fully engaged and present to be your authentic, embodied, confident self, regardless of surrounding circumstances and distractions.


HOWEVER a necessary pre-requisite is CURIOSITY :)

That being said I'd love to invite you to join our vibrant


2 'LIVE' 75min sessions as part of our ongoing

Membership Program ... at no cost to you

Experience for yourself that it's never too late to discover how to move better, feel better and live better ... no matter your age.

We help you take care of, and fully enjoy your body from head to toe ... regardless of your age.
We bridge the gap between where you are now, to where you want to be.
We help you age gracefully so your body feels as great as you do.
We show you how to be free of stiffness, tightness tension and pain, from the moment you roll out of bed and embrace your day.
You will learn how to feel flexible and strong, so you don’t stop living and loving doing the things that bring you joy.
Pain-free living empowers you to fully enjoy life as a better person, friend, parent, grandparent, or partner
How good does that sound?

The Problem Is:

over your lifetime a MISMATCH has developed between

how your body is designed to move naturally

as a living, breathing mammal & what you have been taught to do to your body as a 'thing' to be 'fixed' and managed!

Resolve your conflict with nature and move into harmony with it.


At the heart of the human experience, is the longing to be loved for your authentic self-

Free from the stress of societal values and external expectations.

Free from tense, tight, sore muscles and joints

Free from overwhelm, brain fatigue and anxiety

Free from inner conflict and anxiety

Free from self doubt, confusion and uncertainty

Free from living by others agendas


>>>  how to initiate deep peace, respite and solace

>>> how to live life where less-is-more,

>>> how to slow down

>>> how to help tight tense muscles naturally let go and relax

>>> how to soothe and settle a tired, anxious, stressed nervous system

>>> how to soothe joints to create greater power and strength thru principles of leverage

>>> how to engage breathe to soothe your nervous system

>>> how to use gravity influence posture, pleasure and endless possibilities

>>> how to trade brute force, effort and struggle for grace, freedom and ease

>>> how to recover your self-confidence, self-reliance and capacity to be self regulated and present



Listening and responding to your body is about giving your brain

MORE of what it needs to run smoothly and LESS of what shuts it down!


when your 'survival' brain feels safe ...

your higher functioning brain comes back online

tense, tight, sore, muscles let go and relax, joints move freely and overwhelm & anxiety resolve

This is achieved by engaging the brain's remarkable capacity to change ... we call this neuro-plasticity


✅ your body feels stiff, tight, limited and out of whack!
✅ you feel overwhelmed, confused or disconnected
✅ you feel a loss of agility, co-ordination or confidence
✅ you want to feel more spontaneous and playful
✅ you are withdrawing from activities you love eg music, walking, skiing, gardening, running, surfing etc
✅ you want more movement freedom, ease, power, fluidity, efficiency
✅ you want to function at your optimal best as the best version of you
✅ you're fearful of being sucked into debilitating and disempowering western cultural
values about ageing
✅ you've tried everything and nothing has helped sustainably



"Sandy I'm blown away, you make it so easy, truly amazing, I feel energised, my body pain has gone and I feel years younger than 56!”  — Mary, NSW

Have you noticed in this busy-outcome-driven culture, that your brain is forced to process massive volumes of information?

Do you experience 'overwhelm', brain fog, poor dedision making?

Science has proven that a brain in 'over-whelm' is unable to process, focus, or make 'good' decisions ... it alerts the body to be on-guard, & ready to defend itself ... MUSCLES & JOINTS become TENSE, TIGHT, STIFF and SORE! 


Movement is life

without movement life is unthinkable'

         -Moshé Feldenkrais Ph.D


Globally, we humans are exposed 24/7 to escalating levels of

stimulation and distraction that challenge- 

>>> your brain to be constantly on alert

>>> your mind to be busy and distracted and

>>> your body to function more like an object or machine!

"Why would you work with Sandy? Because what she does works! I had been suffering from immense back pain due to sitting long hours at my computer. I discovered new ways to sit that are no longer painful. At first it seemed too simple! Nothing that required massive changes on my behalf, but the results were miraculous! She knows what she's doing. If you have body aches and pain, she's the woman! Thank you so much for your wisdom, your gentleness and help." — C. Hauser, Therapist USA

“You cannot solve a problem

using the same thinking 

that created the problem

in the first place”  Einstein


We offer you -

>>> a fresh new paradigm for problem solving!

>>> a mindset shift!

>>> a different way of thinking, sensing and feeling!

>>> new options empower your choice between an inherited cultural, linea thinking mindset ... OR ... an organic functional-systems mindset.


>>> we do NOT ‘fix’ problems … we create ‘connections’ to eliminate what’s in the way.

>>> we do NOT demonstrate for you to copy … we use self-paced explorations from the ‘inside-out’

>>> we do NOT stretch, effort, force or push through resistance … we listen, sense and feel the ‘whispers’ your intelligent body gives you

>>> we do NOT judge, diagnose, treat, or cure problems … this is a learning method in line with early childhood development

we do NOT relate to human beings as objects to be managed, controlled, supervised or manipulated … we partner to achieve your desired outcome

>>> we do NOT see humans as disconnected and separate … we recognise endless possibilites, inter-connections and extraordinary organic intelligence

"I’ve done a number of classes with Sandy and am delighted by the simplicity yet profundity of her appraoch.

I feel better about living in my body than I ever have before. Sandy is a passionate, warm and knowledgeable teacher who fosters understanding and clarity"... Sharon Davey Melb.

"What I'm after isn't
flexible bodies, but flexible brains.
What I'm after is to restore each person
to their human dignity."

-Dr Moshé Feldenkrais Ph.D


Question 1: How do I know if this training is right for me? 
Answer: Ask yourself, do you have the motivation to change aspects you wish were different?
Our Training is for you if:
>> you want to improve your movement flexibility and range of motion. 
>> you are recovering from an injury and have tried other traditional approaches without sustainable success. 
>> you feel out of touch, disconnected or numb in your body.
>> you want to improve your body awareness and functional endurance and strength. 
>> you want to improve your self confidence, self esteem and courage to be your authentic self.

Question 2: How is it different from Physio, Yoga or Pilates? 
Answer: These and many other modalities reflect the rational linear paradigm. Where the focus is on separate body parts eg. hammies, pecs, abdominals, quads stretching and strengthening exercises etc.
Our Training reflects a totally different way to think about whlole-body, whole-brain intelligence.
We do this by accessing the remarkable capacity the brain has to change, called neuroplasticity.
Through specifically designed Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® Lessons
you will discover how to easily release excess muscle tone and tension.

Question 3: What should I expect in a group training?
Answer: We create a safe, relaxed and friendly online learning environment. You will be introduced to a variety of themes, concepts, discussions and an experiencial component known as Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement®.
Verbally directed lessons guide participants through gentle and sometimes quirky movement sequences.
Movement explorations develop into sequential actions, that slowly and incrementally become more complex. Through movement and awareness I will help you explore skeletal alignment, breath, muscle tone, posture and pesky limiting habits.
You will dissolve inherited limitations and expand muscle memory, fluidity and freedom to eliminate compulsive and dysfunctional tightness, strain and tension. 
Movement lessons within this series will take place lying comfortably on the floor or bed.
Wear loose clothing and be sure your room is quiet and temperature controlled.

Question 4: Will it be fun? 
Yes, you are well supported to move at your own pace and in your own way. Although learning something new is often challenging, I will meet you and ensure you all you need before moving forward.

Question 5: How long does it take?
How long is a piece of string?
This is not a cookie cutter approach. Individualised learning
Your results will depend …... On the Environment
+ Past injuries
+ How long have you been suffering
+ What you have tried in the past
+ What your currently doing
+ Your willingness to change
+ How you are spending your time and money at the moment
= The Results 
How invested are you in finding relief and changing your pain?
How motivated are you to change?
Are you willing to put skin in the game?

Question 6 : Can you find the movement lessons for free?
YES, and…..
You won’t get the accountability. And the step by step of what to focus on at the right time.
One of the reasons I created this program is because there is SO MUCH incorrect and outdated information online about movement and wellness. 
I mean, movement science in brain/body is constantly evolving and you want to use strategies from outdated blog posts, videos with tactics that don’t work anymore especially those pre- protocols before neuroplasticity science. 
...or do you want to use strategies from a newly updated program with proven results from other students?
Think about the time you’d save by not having to dig through old blog posts and implement disconnected strategies, just to *maybe* find something that kinda works.
My program walks you through, step-by-step, what exactly you should be doing to get major results. No time wasted and no outdated curriculum.

Question 7: Are the results guaranteed? 
Nothing can be guaranteed when it relies on you to show up and do the work. Short term mindset is problematic and a symptom of our cultural misunderstanding of what our bodies need for organic sustainable transformation. Consistency is key to transformation. There are no magic pills. This program will give you solid information and a curiosity to learn at an insane price for a lifetime of transformation.

Question 8: What is the promise? 
My promise is to help you rediscover greater freedom, ease, comfort and aliveness is all you do each and every day. That may be sitting at a computer, rolling over in bed, sleeping more soundly and comfortably, walking, jogging or running, climbing up and down steps or hills, and generally improving how you experience yourself and your life. You will awaken a curious mind, self confidence and experience newfound movement possibilities.

Question 9: Why do you offer a money back guarantee?
Quite simply, I care about you, maybe more than you care about yourself. I know what's possible when you show up and follow the lessons with an open mind. Tune in and isten to yourself in the way I teach you.
I’m willing to put all my cards on the table and give of my best. I know that for your experience to be exceptional, you need to be all in too.

Question 10: What happens if I miss a session?
Do what you can to prioritise this series in your diary. This 'live' experience offers you invaluable feedback, social interaction and playful mutual support.

Question 11: What is your promise to me? 
My promise is to meet you where you are right now. So that together we can move forward to achieve the results and outcomes you desire. I am not here to 'fix' you! I bring to these sessions over 50years
experience in the health and wellness industry. My expertise is to tap you into your own deep, body-based intelligence and re-connect you with your birthright to be present, embodied, at ease and vibrantly alive ... regardless of age or surrounding chaotic circumstances!

Listen to what Psychologist Rikki has to say about 'hidden' stress

Hear what Mich, high flying busy Corporate Mom has to say about living with unresolved pain ...
Hear how student and passionate horse rider nearly quit
due to re-occurring pain!